Mr Singh was super excited for their first walk with Rajiv’s daily walking group. Looking around, he was surprised to see people of all ages including teenagers, young adults, parents with their kids, and senior citizens ready for their daily walk.

“Hi everyone, hope you’re ready to walk to fitness today!” said Rajiv as he was greeted to loud cheers.

“Wow, everyone seems to be very dedicated to walking regularly!” Mr Singh said, marvelling at the gushing enthusiasm.

“A warm welcome to our new joiners!” Rajiv said pleasantly. “If you’re wondering why so many of us gather every day for a short, brisk walk, it’s because we know how important this is for our health. I would like people to quickly tell us why they continue walking so our new friends can understand the benefits of walking regularly.”

“I walk because it helps me manage my varicose veins!” said Priya, who had brought her ten-year-old son with her. “As a nurse, I stand for long hours and walking regularly helps reduce the inflammation and swelling in the leg veins.”

“This is true!” Mr Sharma exclaimed. “I had varicose veins which increased risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) because I ignored it. Because of that, I had a pulmonary embolism that almost cost me my life. My doctor told me I needed to begin walking regularly and ever since then, I think the blood circulation in my legs has improved greatly.”

“Did you know that walking for 30 minutes every day can reduce your chances of coronary heart disease by 19%?” said Tina, who was putting on her earphones to get ready for the walk.

“Indeed, it does! Walking also helps lower your blood sugar levels and helps you maintain healthy body weight. It also boosts your immune system, reduces your sickness episodes!” Rajiv said.

“My doctor said the improved blood circulation due to walking also reduces blood pressure. It also strengthens joint and knee movements.,” said Mr Roy who was nearly 75-years-old. “It reduces my pain from osteoarthritis.”

“Wow, sounds like walking regularly has a lot of benefits. I am excited to exercise more and join you all on daily walks to improve my health and blood circulation. As I am a diabetic, Mr Sharma told me I have higher risk of foot ulcers. Regular walking can prevent foot ulcers too. That’s why I’ve joined this group to walk with you all!” Mr Singh explained.

“Don’t you worry Mr Singh. With us, you’re going to love walking every day!” Tina smiled.

“Great, now that we all know the importance of walking, let’s do exactly that! On a walk, we shall go!”

The motley group soon fell into a pattern and sauntered off briskly!

Do you walk regularly?


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