Mr Singh was returning from his grocery shopping when he ran into Mr Sharma in the building lobby.

“Hi Sharma Ji, where are you off to this evening?” He asked, looking at Mr Sharma’s sportswear.

“I’m joining Rajiv’s daily walking group from today!” Mr Sharma said, excitedly.

“Why?” Mr Singh was surprised.

“Oh! The doctor found this open sore on my foot during the routine check-up. Actually, it didn’t pain much, but the doctor insisted upon investigating it. I thought it was just a simple shoe-bite, you know?” explained Mr Sharma.

“Well! What did Dr Nita say?” asked Mr Singh.

“She told me that this was a minor foot ulcer! I was so scared because she said that since I am diabetic, these ulcers pose an added risk for me.”

“How so?” Mr Singh was confused.

“High blood sugar levels make it difficult to fight off the infections from these ulcers. Thankfully, she detected it on time! Otherwise, it may have gotten very serious. She said that people sometimes even lose their foot because of this!” Mr Sharma tried to make it sound humorous, but his tension was evident.

“Really? It’s that serious?” asked Mr Singh in disbelief.

“Yes. She advised me to go walking for a little bit every day. It improves blood circulation in the feet. It might also help with fighting off any infections in the ulcer too. As it is, diabetic sugar levels are always a sugary invitation to infections.” Laughed Mr Sharma.

“Acha? I have diabetes too. I am also thinking of going on daily walks and exercising!”  

“Definitely Singh sahab! Dr Nita says that the enhanced blood circulation due to walking will help reduce foot ulcers too. Good blood circulation prevents damage to blood vessels. It will help prevent all sorts of leg problems later on.” said Mr Sharma wisely.

“OK. Just wait for me, please! I will drop these groceries and join you on the walk RIGHT NOW!” Mr Singh said decisively.

According to a study published on WEBMD, Up to 10% of diabetic people are at risk of developing foot ulcers. Damage caused to the nerves and blood vessels due to high levels of blood sugar can result in a lack of sensation in feet. This means that ulcers, sores, and other complications may go unnoticed.

Walking and exercising can improve blood circulation in legs. This will ensure that the blood vessels in the legs remain in good condition. Healthy lifestyle changes such as reducing smoking and drinking along with good blood sugar control are helpful. Prevent diabetic foot ulcers by improving your blood circulation. If you have a sedentary lifestyle with reduced opportunity for walking, the SitWalker will help boost blood circulation in your legs while you work at a desk or watch TV.


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