Never gives up!

Shrinivas Sambhaji Yerkalwar.

I am currently working as a production/manufacturing engineer with Sushrut Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Working in such a technical environment has provided me a practical exposure to innovative medical projects; however, being a production engineer, I am sure I will map this experience with knowledge from my engineering course. Expertise in the technical system is my principal objective for the coming years, and I am looking forward to gathering more and more insights into different ongoing and potential future innovative ideas. For expertise in any branch, I think everyone needs to follow some process and have faith in it; for me, Sushrut Designs provides me that platform, and I am giving my best to define myself by the process. At last, the result is a byproduct of the process. 

In my free time, I love the setting sun’s glance through my farmland, sometimes I try to cook food, and I also love to watch cricket rather than playing.

-Shrinivas Yerkalwar.

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