Dreaming of Engineering answers to Medical Problems

Being an innovator, Atul has always questioned the status quo and sought innovative ways of achieving functional objectives. A passionate thinker, he can get to the basics of any knowledge domain very fast and quickly separates the minutiae to understand the working of the larger design.

He believes that wealth-creation is one of the ultimate acknowledgments by the society that your efforts are essential – saying that one should look “beyond money” only AFTER creating enough wealth to last for their own lifetime.

He is also highly skilled with his hands – literally “hammers” iron into shape and uses all modern power-tools with precision. He has first-hand experience of the pangs of an innovative mind restricted by rigid structures. This motivates him to build a center of purposeful innovation in the Medical Devices domain, where innovators will have enough freedom to try out various design options with minimum red-tape. His dream project is a fully equipped crafting-shop where innovation teams (comprising medical, engineering and design specialties) will keep producing outstanding inventions, IP and wealth-creation opportunities.

That dream is taking shape in the form of a strongly-empowered innovation center at Sushrut Designs. He is happy that the team is striving hard to realize the slogan “engineering answers to medical questions” by a balanced combination of individual excellence and team effort.

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