What is Varicose Veins

Veins which have a swollen appearance due to heavy blood stagnation in legs are called varicose veins. When venous valves become faulty, they cannot prevent the blood from returning to the legs.

This increases pressure on the venous walls leading to enlargement and can cause leg pain, swelling, change in skin colour and leg ulcers in severe cases. Standing or sitting for long periods increases the risk of developing varicose veins. Other factors are pregnancy,obesity,sedentary lifestyle,etc.

Sitwalker helps patients

When venous valves become faulty, they cannot prevent the blood from returning to the legs.Contraction of calf muscle helps to squeeze the veins of the leg, pushing blood upwards towards the heart.

This avoids stagnation of blood in the legs and further complications.SitWalker keeps the blood in legs moving and prevents clot formation right from the start

Results of using Sit-walker

Doctors Advice for patients

Walking is highly beneficial and usually safe for people of all ages and fitness levels.

 Regular walks can help you lose weight, maintain a healthy blood pressure, and strengthen your bones and muscles. 

Leg elevation, walking and leg exercises are advised

Regular cycling can strengthen your calf muscles and promote healthy blood flow.

Lunges work many different muscle groups in your feet and calves. Step forward and bend your knee. Be sure to keep your knee directly above your ankle. Hold the lunge for a few seconds, then straighten up and switch legs.

Stretching out the muscles in your feet also helps improve muscle strength and circulation.  

Key benefits of Sit-walker

Blood stagnation in legs is a leading cause of deep vein thrombosis(OVT) episodes.

Stagnating blood tends to clot – most probable sites are the legs. These clots can move along with the flowing blood and reach the heart.

When they are pumped out from the heart, they can get stuck in smaller vessels and cause thrombotic attacs.

Often, fatal results are seen due to clots lodged in critical sites like.

1.Lungs-causing Pulmonary Embolsm (PE) or

2.Coronary-vessels causing cardiac arrest or

3.Brain – Causing brain stroke

How to use the Sit-Walker 

By keeping the blood in legs moving, SitWalker can reduce the leg clot formation due to stagnation.

Doppler USG: Regular long sitting hours

Doppler USG: After 10 days of Sit-walker usage

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