How does COVID 19 results in
formation of blood clots

Levels of D-dimer (a protein found in human blood) above 500 indicate heavy blood clotting and de-clotting activity. After COVID-19 treatment, elevated D-dimer levels have been found in almost 20% of patients.( Source-Lancet ).

Increased D-dimer levels are early warnings of blood clots. Capillary vessel clots often lead to skin discoloration or rash, notably on legs. (Often called COVID toe resembling a frostbite).COVID-19 has been found to increase the tendency of forming clots and the most probable clotting sites are the legs. Clots in the legs can travel upwards easily as the venous diameter towards the heart is always increasing. These clots when lodged in vital organs are known to cause death. 

Sit-walker helps patients 
Key benefits of Sit-walker

Intermittent contraction of calf muscle helps to squeeze the veins of the leg, pushing blood upwards towards the heart. This avoids stagnation of blood in the legs and further complications.SitWalker keeps the blood in legs moving and prevents clot formation right from the start. Periodic movements in the correct manner (as designed by nature) happen automatically, and the user after some time doesn’t even bother about it and gets used to it.

Results of using Sit-walker

Doctor’s Advice for patients

(This is generic and we ask readers to contact their doctors for their own specific treatment or queries)

A sedentary lifestyle can increase your blood clot risk, so make sure to get regular exercise. 

If you need to sit for a long time-like with working or traveling-try to take regular breaks so you can get up and move around.

Lose weight if you’re overweight. Shedding excess weight can help lower your risk for developing blood clots.

Don’t smoke. Smoking can damage the lining of your blood vessels and cause clots to form.

Know the side effects of medications as they may increase your risk for blood clots.

Take any blood thinners your doctor prescribes if you’re having surgery, as this can lower your chance of developing clots afterward.

Key benefits of Sit-walker

Blood stagnation in legs is a leading cause of deep vein thrombosis(OVT) episodes.

Stagnating blood tends to clot – most probable sites are the legs. These clots can move along with the flowing blood and reach the heart.

When they are pumped out from the heart, they can get stuck in smaller vessels and cause thrombotic attacs.

Often, fatal results are seen due to clots lodged in critical sites like.

1.Lungs-causing Pulmonary Embolsm (PE) or

2.Coronary-vessels causing cardiac arrest or

3.Brain – Causing brain stroke

How to use the Sit-Walker 

By keeping the blood in legs moving, SitWalker can reduce the leg clot formation due to stagnation.

Doppler USG: Regular long sitting hours

Doppler USG: After 10 days of Sit-walker usage

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