Rahul’s younger sister, Divya, is a couch potato. Whether it’s online classes or a Netflix binge, she rarely moves once seated. Recently, Rahul found out about the benefits of NEAT — Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, at work. Since then, he has incorporated intermittent walks and small bursts of activity throughout the day to improve his blood circulation and fitness.

In a bid to get Divya to increase her NEAT, Rahul found out five simple exercises and movements she could do every day:

Walk around the house intermittently

After finishing an episode or at the end of a lecture, take a few rounds around the house. Whether it’s to grab a healthy snack or to stretch to get the blood flowing, intermittent walking can boost NEAT.

Take classes or meetings while walking around

Most of us have smartphones or compact laptops that we can hold as we walk. If we take even one class or meeting as we walk around the house or down in our locality, it can add to our daily steps, increasing our overall NEAT.

Do simple leg exercises while seated

If unable to move too much, simple leg movements like moving the heel up and down or tapping the toes can also improve blood circulation in the lower legs. The key to gaining benefits from NEAT is intermittent activity throughout the day, even when seated.

A device like the SitWalker operates the calf muscles exactly as designed by nature while seated. It mimics the same movements made during walking. This helps prevent diabetic foot, blood clots, varicose veins, and more.

Move when standing

Waiting at the bus stop or for food to heat up in the microwave? Move around, stand on one leg, and step from side to side. Continuous movement while standing can help increase overall NEAT, promoting better blood flow.

Take the stairs

When going out and returning home, try taking the stairs. This is a great way of exercising muscles and burning calories at the same time. Unable to take the stairs all the way up and down? Do as much as you can — every little bit counts!

NEAT not only improves blood circulation in the lower body but also aids in weight loss and burning calories. Increasing the amount of physical activity in a day has long-lasting health benefits. It can even save your life by preventing deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms!

We expect Divya and YOU to start increasing NEAT today!


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