‘Engineering answers to Medical questions’

Modern Lifestyle has compromised many bodily functions leading to physiological problems which produce undesirable effect in emotional, psychological and even economic and business spaces.

We at Sushrut-Designs, work in collaboration with practicing surgeons and doctors to understand the root-causes of various modern ailments and address whose through our engineering expertise. We design products with a view to support and enhance the original functions of the human body rather than replacing them. They are backed by strong medical knowledge and extensive research

Our devices do-not require dedicated time. They blend in the background while users are engaged in their day-to-day tasks.

Our objective

To conduct research to identify, conceive, innovate & Design new healthcare products

Our focus

To commercialize the 5 Lines of business to avoid Thrombotic-Clot formation in legs of people in sedentary situations.

Our vision

To become the preferred partner for innovative doctors to realize their inventions

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